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Where Can I Receive Respite Care Services?

Caretaker talking with resident in wheelchair
There are numerous benefits of respite care

Respite care is a type of substitute care for individuals with disabilities or other conditions that require extensive, ongoing attention. It combines everyday care, rehabilitation services, and specialty caregivers who will be able to ensure proper recovery. One of the main benefits behind respite care is that it enables the primary caregiver to enjoy a temporary break caring for the person in question. Adult children who have to take care of an elderly parent sometimes employ the help of respite care for additional support. Keep in mind that family members, as well as a dedicated facility, are all forms of respite care; however, paid respite services, a daycare center, and a residential program for relief care, are typically noted as traditional forms of respite care.

Benefits of Respite Care

It’s a win-win situation for the caregiver and the person subjected to respite care. Loved ones benefit from the specialized care and support circle provided by a team of professionals. Relief comes in the form of assistance with shopping, completing errands, laundry, and picking up and administering medication while the caregiver continues to care for the person in need.

Offering a sense of relief and renewal. Caregiving can be a highly stressful job, and the primary caregiver may not be equipped with the emotional tools to take care of an aging person. Respite care can step in, enabling the primary caregiver to relieve stress and restore a sense of balance before they resume caregiving duties.

Do You Need Respite Care?

You might benefit from respite care if you are in recovery of a debilitating disease or ailment that has undermined your ability for self-care. Individuals who may need respite care include someone with a condition like:

  • Brain injury
  • Cancer
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Stroke
  • Blindness

About Encore At Avalon Park

Encore at Avalon Park specializes in assisted living care, catering to the neighborhood of Orlando, Florida and surrounding communities. Backdropped by a close-knit community rich in tradition, Avalon Park has been the go-to service for respite care. Nestled in a secured landscaped courtyard, the facility is composed of 6 neighborhoods, with 15 residences each. To learn more about how Encore at Avalon Park can be a benefit to you and your family, contact us at 407-270-2500.

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