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When Is Memory Care Necessary?

When Is Memory Care Necessary?

Millions of Americans all over the country live with conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s but are not being served with proper memory care. If a senior loved one is showing signs of such conditions and can no longer care for themself, then perhaps it is time to consider memory care services.

3 Signs That Your Senior Requires Memory Care Services

Here are a few signs that indicate when memory care services are necessary:

  1. Declining Physical Health

    The first sign of memory impairment is an overall decline in physical health and hygiene. This is likely because those with memory issues often forget to take care of themselves. For example, someone with Alzheimer’s may forget to eat regular meals, wash their hands, or bathe regularly. One of the benefits of memory care is scheduled activities provided by a formal staff tasked with ensuring meals are eaten and hygiene is prioritized.

  2. Moments of Confusion

    Another significant sign that your senior needs memory care is if they have strong bouts of confusion. For example, if they suddenly cannot keep track of their daily meals, frequently get lost or confused, or easily become agitated or frustrated when attempting common, everyday tasks, then it may be a good idea to schedule them a memory care evaluation.

  3. At-Home Caregivers Are Unavailable

    A clear sign that memory care services are necessary is if a caregiver can no longer provide the level of care that a senior with memory issues requires. Regardless of the reason, suddenly taking away memory care assistance can be incredibly devastating to those in need of care. Therefore, it is vital that when memory caregiving services can no longer be provided, there is a plan in place to transition your loved one to a senior living community that offers memory care services.

Skilled Memory Care Services in Central Florida

If you’re considering memory care services for your loved one, visit Encore at Avalon Park. Our trusted staff is dedicated to providing fully compassionate and attentive memory care services to our senior residents with impairments. Our residents also have access to engaging social and recreational activities, delicious meals, and comfortable accommodations, making Encore at Avalon Park the premiere senior living community in the Central Florida area.

To learn more, call Encore at Avalon Park today at 407-270-5000 and schedule a tour.

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