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The Benefits of Intergenerational Activities for Seniors

The Benefits of Intergenerational Activities for Seniors

Intergenerational programs are designed for the specific purpose of promoting interactions between youths and the elderly. Such interactions can be rare, which is unfortunate because the elderly have lived rich lives full of experience and possess so much knowledge that they can pass on to the youth of today.

In addition to educating younger generations by sharing life lessons and experiences, here are some of the benefits of intergenerational activities for seniors.

A Chance to Stay Active

One benefit of seniors participating in intergenerational activities is that doing so will help keep their bodies active, engaged, and moving. On average, seniors who volunteer with children tend to burn more calories per day than seniors who don’t. Therefore, if you’re looking to get your beloved senior more physical exercise throughout their day, participating in intergenerational activities may be an avenue worth exploring.

A Way to Keep Brains Engaged

One concern that many have as they age is the fear of suffering from various cognitive impairments, like dementia and memory loss. A great way to stave off such impairments is by keeping their minds engaged through intergenerational activities and games with dynamic youngsters. Great intergenerational activities include solving puzzles, playing memory games, and, simply, reading aloud. In fact, studies show that seniors who participate in intergenerational activities displayed better memory-performance than those who did not.

An Opportunity to Make New Friends

Everyone enjoys the company of others—regardless of their age difference—and seniors are no different. The simplest and most straightforward reason to participate in intergenerational activities is to offer your senior loved one the opportunity to meet and connect with another person. In the same way that youths don’t always want to be around other youths, elderly folk may not always want to exclusively be around other seniors.

Furthermore, a friendship with a volunteer high school- or college-age student will trigger memories of your senior loved one’s youth. Many seniors confess to wanting to work with youths, but they just don’t know how or where to start. If that sounds like your beloved senior, then getting involved with intergenerational activities is their solution to a longer, more fulfilling life.

Enjoy Recreational and Social Activities at Encore at Avalon Park

If enjoying activities of different kinds is an important part of your senior’s life, then Encore at Avalon Park is the place for them.

At Encore at Avalon Park, we are dedicated to giving our senior residents access to many different types of fun and engaging activities, including recreational, social, and intergenerational activities. Our seniors also enjoy healthy meals and comfortable accommodations, both of which will remind them of home.

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