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Spring Up Your Health at Encore

Spring Up Your Health at Encore

As the spring season approaches us, we see the flowers bloom and warmer weather. Seniors are excited to leave the cold weather behind and enjoy this season to the fullest. Spring is also time for a reset and keeping your health up.

To help your loved ones enjoy the beautiful weather and keep active, here are a few springtime activities for seniors.

Finding Healthy Recipes

Keep up with what foods are in season for the best tasting meals. With spring comes lighter, healthy foods like asparagus, peas and strawberries. First thing is to cut back on red meats and processed foods. Instead, substitute those for vegetables, whole-grains and produce.

Ensuring your overall diet is healthy can prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes and arthritis. Make sure you know what your loved one can and can’t have when planning what to make.

Celebrate the Holidays with Family

Spring is filled with many holidays and celebrations for you and your loved ones to get together. Whether it be Easter, Passover, Holi, St. Patrick’s Day or Cinco de Mayo, each is a perfect opportunity to host a family gathering. Make a delicious meal or celebrate the holiday accordingly with everyone for a day to remember.

Enjoying the Outdoors

With the cold weather being left behind, spring brings warmer weather and sunnier days to our lives. Just taking a walk each day around the community will continue to keep seniors active and give them just enough exercise for the day. Sitting outside to breathe in fresh air and listening to the birds chirp can reduce stress and relax the body.

Although being in the sun and boosting your Vitamin-D levels is important, it’s smart to make sure your loved one is putting on sunscreen to protect against damaging their skin. To avoid such things like skin cancer and sunburns, it’s recommended seniors wear 30 SPF or more and avoid going outside between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. when the sun’s rays are the strongest.

Spring Cleaning

Spring reset also means cleaning out clutter that has been built up over the years. Your loved one may have items that are taking up space where they live and helping them clear out some things will give them more room.

Some items to declutter are clothes no longer worn, broken items, old papers and books, appliances that are no longer in use and junk found in different drawers. While looking through everything, you may come across old pictures that you and your loved one reminisce about. Any task can create a special moment between family members.

Springtime at Encore in Avalon Park

At Encore at Avalon Park, we understand how important it is for our seniors to have access to plenty of fun and engaging activities. That is why we host many different recreational and social activities for the seniors at our assisted living community to enjoy on a daily basis.

We also provide our senior residents with healthy, delicious meals and comfortable accommodations to make them feel at home. That’s why Encore at Avalon Park is Central Florida’s premiere senior living solution.

For more information on our assisted living community or to schedule a tour, call Encore at Avalon Park today at 407-270-7500.

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