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Songbird Music Program at Encore at Avalon Park


Songbird:  A Music Program

Central Florida’s Creative Care Association (CCA) works with community partners to lead a new program inspired by Music & Memory, Inc. and Alive Inside Foundation’s youth/elder outreach program.  SONGBIRD is an innovative way to engage students with elders affected by disability and bridge this generational gap through music.  Our university-supported research will validate the benefits these types of programs have for participants, their families and society at large.

After receiving special training in brain health education, empathetic activities and compassionate communication, young adults are paired with elder residents at local assisted living facilities. Throughout the school year they learn to create custom music playlists and awaken those who have often disconnected from life.  These playlists demonstrate the powerful therapeutic effect that music has on people affected by illness and disability.

Kids thrive when they make a positive difference in the life of someone who struggles.  Meanwhile, as they awaken the gifts and wisdom of their elders, they see value in aging and realize the contribution they each make to this important part of our community.

For additional information visit: or call CCA at (407) 949-6733.

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