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3 Social Media Accounts Every Senior Should Follow

3 Social Media Accounts Every Senior Should Follow

Seniors often join social media platforms to reconnect with old friends and acquaintances or stay updated on the goings on of their kids and grandkids. And yet while getting to see pictures and keep up with exciting life updates is great, there is actually an entire social media world for seniors to enjoy that exists outside of their immediate friends and family.

If you know a senior who is new to social media or is looking to expand their horizons online, here are a few social media accounts that every senior should follow.

Must-Follow Social Media Accounts for Seniors

  1. The Accidental Icon

    Instagram influencers are not all teens and young adults; seniors can be just as popular on social media. One style icon who exemplifies this is Lyn Slater, a 67-year-old who graces the world with her impeccable fashion sense on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest under the name “The Accidental Icon.” Anyone interested in fashion or just in hearing one senior’s wise thoughts on aging should follow her.

  2. The Red Hat Society

    If your senior loved one is a member of the Red Hat Society, then they should follow the group on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This famous club provides a fantastic outlet for senior women to socialize in person and also hosts cool virtual events. Following their social media pages will keep you updated on upcoming events and information.

  3. Senior Celebrities

    Everyone’s favorite Golden Girl, Betty White is a cultural icon and one of the most famous seniors around. She is also on most popular social media platforms, making her one of the best accounts for seniors (or anyone) to follow. Actor Leslie Jordan is another beloved celebrity who gained a large social media following during the pandemic by sharing hilarious and relatable jokes and stories about his Southern upbringing. You can follow them both on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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