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How to Make Your Senior Living Apartment Feel Like Home

How to Make Your Senior Living Apartment Feel Like Home

Moving to an assisted living community can be a reluctant experience for someone who has spent a majority of their life creating memories in the same place. However, many seniors must eventually face the possibility of downsizing from their family home into a smaller, more practical living arrangement. Fortunately, there are many ways to make your senior living apartment feel like the home you know and love.

Bring Your Home to Your Senior Living Apartment

If you are moving to a senior living apartment, think of it like any other move. Some apartments come furnished, so while you will likely not need to rent out a moving truck to bring all of your furniture, you should still bring the items that make your home feel like home. Therefore, when moving to a senior living apartment, don’t forget to pack sentimental items like framed pictures of family, personal heirlooms, small trinkets, or decorative pieces. Having these items at your bedside to look at whenever you want will surely create a familiar atmosphere that will remind you of your family home.

Add Your Own Personal Aesthetic

Your room should feel like your room. Just because you’re moving to a senior living apartment does not mean that it has to look the same as everyone else’s. Think of ways you can add your personal aesthetic to your new room. However, be sure to look into what types of restrictions you have before you begin decorating. Then, work within those limits. If allowed, perhaps you can change the curtains to ones of a different color or add wallpaper to brighten up the walls. You can even request that hooks be drilled into the wall so that you can hang up your favorite artwork. Adding your personal flair to your senior living apartment will quickly transition your new space into your new home.

Remember That This Is a New Home

While it is important to keep a piece of your old home when moving to a new space, try to avoid making your senior living apartment look exactly like your old room. Instead of replicating your former home, try and go for a new look. Think of moving to a senior living apartment as an opportunity to create new memories and leave space in your new room to accommodate that. For example, moving to a new environment is a great time to take up a new hobby. If you get into hobbies like crafting, scrapbooking, or knitting, you can create a corner in your new room to keep all of your tools and creations.

Senior Living That Feels Like Home

There’s no place like home at Encore at Avalon Park, where our caring staff is dedicated to creating an atmosphere and environment for our seniors that feels just like home. Our residents enjoy comfortable accommodations, fun and familiar social and recreational activities, and healthy home-cooked meals.

To see why Encore at Avalon Park is the premier senior living solution in the Central Florida area, schedule a virtual tour by calling 407-270-7500 today.

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