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How Seniors Can Use Smart Home Assistants to Make Their Lives Easier

How Seniors Can Use Smart Home Assistants to Make Their Lives Easier

A new family member is being added to homes all over the world, and she goes by the names Alexa, Siri, and Google. Smart home assistants are no longer the way of the future as they are becoming increasingly more accessible to everyday, modern families. And while you may not think to get smart home assistants for seniors, these devices are actually incredibly user-friendly and can make anyone’s day-to-day life much easier.

Here are a few ways that seniors can make their lives easier with the use of smart home assistants.

Listen to Music and More

One of the basic functions of a smart home assistant like the Amazon Echo is that it can play popular songs. This function is activated by simply asking the device to play a song by a certain artist. However, even if the name of the song is unknown, you can sing a few lines or hum the melody and the device can likely figure out what song you’re thinking of. Furthermore, if you enjoy novels, smart home assistants can read audiobooks aloud. This way, seniors can keep up with their favorite authors while taking care of household chores or resting their eyes.

Stay in Touch With Others

For seniors who have difficulty using the phone, smart home assistants provide another avenue for them to stay in touch with loved ones. Many smart home assistants possess all of the same calling functions as an everyday phone. However, some devices, like the Portal from Facebook, have the added function of having a screen for video chatting. This is a great way for seniors to see their kids and grandkids on a regular basis.

Keep Your House Clean

Chores become harder and harder on the body as we age, but with smart home assistants on our side, we can say goodbye to tedious sweeping and vacuuming. Seniors who no longer have the dexterity or energy to clean the house anymore can utilize smart home assistants like iRobot’s Roomba to keep the floors clean.

Stay on Schedule                              

No matter what age we are, we all have schedules. However, as we age, it can sometimes be difficult to remember what we have to do every day and when we have to do it. To help, most smart home assistants have a function that allows users to schedule reminders and receive notifications when those times arrive. With a smart home assistant in their home, seniors will have reminders to help them remember when to eat and when to take their medication.

Smart and Easy Senior Living

It’s important to make a smart choice when picking the place to transition to and live out your golden years. This is why smart seniors go to Encore at Avalon Park. As Central Florida’s premium assisted living community, Encore at Avalon Park is dedicated to offering seniors comfortable accommodations and plenty of access to incredible activities. Whether enjoying a social activity with new friends or sitting down for one of our wonderful meals, our seniors always feel welcomed and right at home.

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