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Home Safety Tips for Seniors

Home Safety Tips for Seniors

There is nowhere sweeter than home, but is it always safe? Unfortunately, for the senior in your life, this may not always be the case. If not maintained, your senior loved one’s home can be filled with many dangerous hazards. To keep your beloved senior safe, be aware of these home safety tips for seniors.

Be Mindful of Falling Hazards

One of the biggest dangers to seniors is the risk of falling, and many objects around the house that may not seem dangerous can actually be significantly hazardous in this regard. For example, only certain types of rugs should be used in senior homes. While a throw rug may be a simple way to brighten up a space, they typically don’t have good traction on floors, making them very easy to slip on.

Consider Fire Safety

While fire safety is important in any home, seniors can often use extra help keeping their homes protected against fires. One way that you can help the senior in your life is by regularly checking the batteries in smoke detectors to ensure that they are up to date. Also toss any old newspapers, magazines, or other unnecessary flammables and keep an eye on the candles around the house. If the wicks haven’t been trimmed in a while, consider doing this for your senior so that they can continue to enjoy them safely.

Safeguard the Bathroom

The bathroom is the number one room in the home that sees the most falls, so it requires even more consideration and serious upgrades to be safe for seniors. For example, every bath or shower wall should always have a grab bar installed onto it. Furthermore, rubber mats are a must inside tubs and showers to avoid slips and falls. You could even consider adding a bench or a chair to the shower just in case your senior loved one ever feels lightheaded while showering. While these changes will have a monetary cost, they can make all the difference for the safety and peace of mind of the senior in your life.

Introduce Your Senior to a Safe Community

Encore at Avalon Park is your premiere living solution for seniors in the Central Florida area. Our community was designed with senior safety in mind and our dedicated staff understands the importance of maintaining a safe environment for our senior residents. The moment your senior loved one steps through our doors, our secure and comfortable accommodations are sure to have them feeling right at home.

For more information on our community’s safety standards or to schedule your virtual tour, call us at 407-270-7500 today.

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