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Differences Between Senior Living and Assisted Living

Differences Between Senior Living and Assisted Living

Finding living arrangements for the senior in your life can be a highly emotional time. It can especially be stressful if you don’t know what type of living community is best for your loved one. To make the best decision, it’s important to know the differences between senior living and assisted living communities.

Senior Living vs. Assisted Living Community

While very similar in purpose, senior living is less restrictive and gives more independence, while assisted living gives a bit more attentive support and care to its senior residents. The more in-depth differences between the two communities often concern available amenities, services, and housing options.

  • Differences in Amenities and Services

    One of the biggest differences between senior living and assisted living is the amount of care services provided by the community.

    • Senior living helps make residents’ lives easier while still living independently. These communities help provide meals and housekeeping tasks while hosting a social center for residents. Landscaping, laundry, and security services are just some of the services provided in senior living communities.
    • Assisted living offers all of these amenities but also comes with a full-time care team. Staff members and medical professionals are usually on call 24/7 in case of emergencies. Assisted living communities are geared to help seniors who need help with everyday activities, including bathing, dressing, getting around, and taking medications.
  • Differences in Housing Options

    Another difference between senior living and assisted living is the style of living spaces between the two communities.

    • Since senior living is more independently focused, there are a few more styles to choose from. Common housing options include apartment-style communities or houses. Residents have their own private spaces with easy access to a community center to gather and take part in social activities.
    • Assisted living housing is usually apartment-style. Some specialized assisted living residences, such as memory care units, will have increased security measures to ensure the safety of residents.

Your Senior’s Premiere Central Florida Assisted Living Community

If you’re looking for an assisted living community in Central Florida, consider Encore at Avalon Park. We provide access to recreational and social activities, comfortable accommodations, and healthy meals that remind our seniors residents of home. If you need assistance caring for your loved one, contact Encore at Avalon Park to see why we’re your premier senior living solution.

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