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The Best Activities for the Seniors In Assisted Living

The Best Activities for the Seniors In Assisted Living

Remaining active, involved, and social is important for those of any age, but it is especially important for seniors. If you’re interested in a more involved and active schedule for the seniors in your life, consider some of the best activities for seniors living in assisted living communities.

Great Assisted Living Activities for the Seniors in Your Life

  • Exercise Classes

Maintaining a healthy exercise schedule is something that is vital towards maintaining a senior’s health. However, exercising alone can be boring, making it hard to stay motivated. This is why participating in an exercise class can be so fun.

Many assisted living communities offer group exercise classes that are tailored specifically for the cardiovascular needs of seniors. Not only will such activities for the seniors help them stay active and accountable to remaining fit, but it will also provide them with opportunities for social interaction with an entire group of their peers.

  • Book Clubs

Perhaps your beloved senior prefers to exercise their brain. If this is the case, joining a book club can be an excellent choice for seniors in assisted living. Book clubs are great because, like exercise classes, they take an activity that they might already enjoy by themselves and add a social element to it. Even better, it might prompt them to read a stimulating book that they might not have picked up otherwise.

  • Pet Therapy

As seniors, it can sometimes be difficult, or even impossible, to take care of a pet. However, that does not mean that seniors cannot enjoy the presence of animals as in an assisted living community. Many assisted living communities are starting to offer pet therapy during certain hours of the day.

During pet therapy activities for the seniors, they can enjoy the presence of friendly animals like dogs, cats, or birds. Truly, there are few activities for the seniors that are more enjoyable than simply spending an hour petting and playing with sweet animals.

Enjoyable Activities for the Seniors in Assisted Living at Encore at Avalon Park

At Encore at Avalon Park, we understand how important it is for our seniors to have access to plenty of fun and engaging activities. That is why we host many different recreational and social activities for the seniors at our assisted living community to enjoy on a daily basis.

We also provide our senior residents with healthy, delicious meals and comfortable accommodations to make them feel at home. That’s why Encore at Avalon Park is Central Florida’s premiere senior living solution.

For more information on our assisted living community or to schedule a tour, call Encore at Avalon Park today at 407-270-7500.

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